Restaurants in the area

Jaffa Beach Hostel is very close to excellent restaurants and cuisine. There are those who say that Jerusalem and Tel Aviv are the capital of the Israeli culinary world, and we agree. Close to our Hoste,l you will find restaurants of all types of kitchens, Israeli, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Vietnamese, meat, dairy, vegan and more. With extremely wide price ranges and different dining styles, everyone will find restaurants, cafes and bars in this area to their personal taste.

Ali Karwan – Abu Hassan

Abu Hassan is one of Israel’s oldest and most famous humus restaurants, with its original branch on Dolphin Street in Jaffa located and two more branches on Shivtei Israel street. It has been rated best hummus restaurant in Israel in many times. The restaurant is famous for its loyal crowd of Jews and Arabs, laborers and tourists, sitting side by side and on the same tables.  Just make sure to arrive by noon before the hummus finished.

Guetta Restaurant

Traditional Tripolytai Restaurant, You will find all the dishes representing Tripotelli Judaism cuisine (Libya) .Enjoy an excellent service and tasty fresh food throughout the week.

Osteria de Fiorella

Osteria de Fiorella is one of the oldest restaurants on Ben Yehuda Street. It was founded in 1986 by the Fournier family and since then has been a magnet for tourists and lovers of classic Italian cuisine. Osteria was chosen in the competition in Italy as one of the seven real Italians in the world, and the first place in the Mediterranean region.
Recommended dishes: kartopu gnocchi in cream and truffle sauce, eggplant in parmesan sauce.
Kosher: Yes

Ben Yehuda 148, Tel Aviv, 03-5248818

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Thai House Restaurant

Thai house is considered one of the best restaurants in Israel. The menu includes inspiring dishes from all the provinces of Thailand, with the end result being particularly authentic. The menu has developed and changed over the years, and besides the flagship dishes you will also find variations of Thai street dishes. The fresh produce is grown on a local farm.

Recommended dishes: Fella Pike Pickang – Chunks of Barbeque Fried Patelet with red curry with Thai eggplant, Lobia, Chinese peas and wild fennel, Pud Prix Pau – prawns / seafood in shrimps and tamarind sauce, scrambled egg, celery and green onion.
Kosher: No

Bograshov 8, corner of Ben Yehuda 03-5178568

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A culinary institution with a unique concept: “only breakfast.” This restaurant is open 24 hours a day. Benedict offers rich and interesting variations of classic breakfasts, with more substantial options that are suitable for lunch or dinner. At night you can snack or taste the excellent desserts.
English dishes – Frankfurter sausages, crispy bacon and egg whites plus beans in tomato sauce and a mixture of potatoes, onions, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes
Kosher: No

Ben Yehuda 171 Tel Aviv 053-944340

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