Bed in Female Dormitory Room

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I decided to stay here for another week. We took 2 beds at the Jaffa Hostel on the beach and we recommend this to any traveler. Great prices, half a minute walk from the beach and the feeling of a warm home. Thank you very much to the team and all the friends we met there.

David Green - 17/01/2019

Latest Reviews

I came on vacation in Israel, heard a lot about the beach of Tel Aviv and Jaffa and wanted a pleasant and clean place nearby. We found the Jaffa Hostel on the beach that gave us the perfect experience. We took 4 beds in a mixed room, it's a fun and a pleasant atmosphere all the time. Highly recommend.

Amelie Johnson - 14/03/2019

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We are five 20-year-olds from the North who have decided to see what weekend is in Tel Aviv. So we took a whole room for ourselves with five beds at the Jaffa Hostel on the beach. Every morning we went to the beach, then a tour of the city, an afternoon nap in the room, and in the evening we went out to celebrate. Great place, really worth it. thank you for the hospitality!

Eli Ben Ami - 10/04/2019

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We chose the Jaffa Hostel on the beach because we heard it was a new place worth staying in. We arrived in Israel as part of a big trip we are in and it was very pleasant in a hostel. We have been traveling for three months, we were in many hostels around the world and this hostel is among the cleanest and most pleasant. Right on the sea and in a perfect location. We will recommend to all members of Germany to come here.

Sophia Mitroch - 06/02/2019
  • WiFi
  • Nearby attractions
    Nearby attractions
  • Handicapped accessible
    Handicapped accessible
  • no smoking
    no smoking

2 bunk beds and 1 single bed

Up to 5 female guests in this room
Room size 30 m²