Restaurants in the area

In recent years, Jerusalem began branding itself as the new culinary capital of Israel, when the increasing competition between the City and its culinary sibling Tel-Aviv, moves up a rung every year.

The oldest sites in the City, and among them churches and ancient buildings, constitute fertile ground for the chefs of Jerusalem. At their restaurants, you will be able to taste the spirit of Jerusalem in each and every dish on the menu.

We have assembled for you a list of gourmet restaurants, restaurants intended for the whole family and kosher restaurants.

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The Machneyuda Restaurant

10 Beit Ya’akov St., Jerusalem

The famous market Restaurant of the celebrated Chef Asaf Granit, offers a slightly different culinary experience. The market´s smells, the colors and the overall ambience bestow a sense of lightness, when gourmet portions prepared from the highest quality ingredients are served on the plates, with surprising flavors in every bite.

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The Montefiore Restaurant, Jerusalem

Yemin Moshe, Jerusalem

The elegant and classic Montefiore Restaurant in Jerusalem offers its guests a winning combination – location, scenery, history and elite cooking. Right at the heart of the historical Capital City awaits the Montefiore Restaurant, situated amidst the picturesque Mishkenot Sha’ananim neighborhood, which was established by the famous philanthropist Moshe Montefiore (after whom the Restaurant was named), not far away from the famous windmill and just facing the exhilarating panorama of the walls of the Old City.

However, the astonishing sceneries viewed from the “Montefiore” are “solely” an exciting backdrop for a magical pastime like no other that awaits you inside the Restaurant. It includes a professional service, a tastefully-styled space and an original dairy-kosher menu, prepared diligently from top quality ingredients and with a lot of love at the Restaurant’s kitchen, which excels in the preparation of Italian-style gourmet food.

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The Karma Restaurant

74 Ein Kerem, Jerusalem

At the heart of the magical Ein Kerem neighborhood resides the Karma Restaurant, overlooking the scenic asset called Ein Kerem.

The neighborhood, which is situated at the outskirts of the Capital City, is a cultural and religious center with an international renowned name, whose pastoral serenity has no competition, when the high mountains and the ancient terraces separate the neighborhood from the city, marking it as an island of unique quietude. All these attract many tourists from Israel and from abroad to the neighborhood, to visit the beautiful Christian sites that have developed and have been nurtured in the area, as well as stroll throughout its orchards and gardens.

The visitors in the area will see walking trails in isolated alleys embedded with antique stones, houses with enchanting architecture, orchards and gardens, galleries, a gushing spring, painted churches, all immersed within green mountains and valleys.

The Karma Restaurant was established at the heart of the neighborhood, on the main street, overlooking a charming landscape. The Restaurant was designed in a manner consistent with the special beauty of Ein Kerem, with the intention of infusing its magical ambience onto its guests as well.

The Restaurant resides in an antique castle-like building with two floors and a terrace overlooking the enchanting landscape. The Restaurant features an opulent, varied, surprising and updated menu under the direction of Chef Erez Shevo, which includes breakfast, business meals and children’s meals.

The pizzas, focaccias and special casseroles are made to order and baked inside the tabun stove situated in the Restaurant, and we must not forget the desserts.

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The Ima Restaurant, Jerusalem

55 Shmuel Baruch St., Jerusalem

The authentic and kosher Mediterranean market Restaurant “Ima Restaurant” awaits you at the bounds of the Machane Yehuda Market, and it has been operating in this area since 1981. It all began with an idea to serve simple yet good food to the hungry crowds of the Capital City, and it actually continues on this same direction, providing culinary pleasures that do not outsmart, yet delight with their excellent home flavors.

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The Bein Hakshatot Restaurant

174 Hagai St., Jerusalem

A strictly kosher chef Restaurant situated beside the Western Wall in Jerusalem, right beside the Plaza. The Restaurant’s chef brings to the fore high culinary capabilities and integrates between the known and loved dairy kitchen and a cuisine with authentic special aromas.

The Restaurant also offers on-site event production services – hence, for those who are looking for restaurants intended for small events in Jerusalem, you have arrived to the right place. The Restaurant is situated right beside the Western Wall.

When examining diverse options of recommended restaurants in Jerusalem, the Bein Hakshatot Restaurant is definitely included within those restaurants and it is even in the lead.

The Menza Restaurant, Jerusalem

10 Bezalel St., Jerusalem

In Latin “menza” means a dining establishment or a restaurant. And like every other warm home, Menza’s door is always open: 7 days a week. The Menza Restaurant belongs to a limited group of restaurants in Jerusalem that are open on Saturdays, allowing the diners to enjoy a pleasurable pastime whenever it is convenient for them. The Restaurant serves contemporary food round the clock, comprising opulent breakfasts, juicy meets and fresh fish. The guests can enjoy the cocktails and the unique wine menu at the open bar, which provides a close glimpse of our team in action. A warm ambience and good people complement the pastime experience at Menza, a brasserie Restaurant in Jerusalem that is open on Saturdays as well – intended for those who want to have some good time and many other good things.

The Waffle Factory, Jerusalem

The German Colony, Jerusalem

The “Waffle Factory” Chain is a young and modern Restaurants Chain specializing in the most enticing phase of the meal – the desserts. The Chain’s branches are designed as American diners, modern and appetizing, inviting you to discover your favorite dessert in a whole new manner. We believe that hosting should be a complete entertainment experience. From the welcome and reception phase awarded by our attentive and skilled staff, and until the moment you excitedly tell your friends about us.

Our menu offers a selection of personally-blended corrupted waffles and milkshakes from among dozens of options of cremes, toppings and spreads. As far as we are concerned, there exists no over-indulging, disturbing or corrupting combination. In the menu you will find salty dishes from our dairy kitchen, produced from the most qualitative and fresh ingredients, while meticulously adhering to an innovative and creative service.