Restaurants in the area

“Menza” restaurant Nearby the hotel”.

In recent years Jerusalem began branding itself as the new culinary capital of Israel bwhile the competition with her culinary sister – Tel Aviv – increases every year.

The ancient sites of the city include churches and old structures, and pose a breeding ground for the Jerusalem chefs, where you can taste the Jerusalem spirit in each and every dish in the menu.

We have gathered for you a list of gourmet restaurants, restaurants for the whole family, and kosher restaurants.

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Chef restaurants –

“Machneyuda” – 10 Bet Yaakov street, Jerusalem

The famous market restaurant owned by the renowned chef, Asaf Granit, offers a different culinary experience.

The scents, colors and general vibe of the market give you a sense of lightness, while serving Gourmet dishes with the best quality Ingredients, and flavors that will surprise you with every bite.

Located around 750 meters walk from the hotel.

It is recommended to order in advance. Non Kosher.


“Muna” – 12 Shmuel Hanagid street

Located at the Artists Center of Jerusalem, this chef restaurant has gone through many changes and is currently managed by Chef Moshiko Gamliel.

If you are thinking of a romantic classic evening in Jerusalem, “Muna” is the perfect restaurant for you. The intriguing menu is appetizing just to look at, and the atmosphere is fantastic.

Recommended. Non Kosher, next to the hotel.


“Toro” –  2 S.H Nahon, Mishkanot Sha`ananim, Jerusalem

Inside an ancient building, at the foot of the old flour mill in Mishkanot Sha`ananim, “Toro” restaurant is overlooking Migdal David  and the Old City Walls.

Chef Benny Ashkenazi redefines creativity in the Israeli culinary world and invites you to absorb the magical Jerusalem in the most romantic evening. – Kosher

Kosher restaurants –

“La Boka” –8 Shlomtzion Hamalka street , Jerusalem

South American meat restaurant owned by Chef Guy Kimhy.

In “La Boka” you can enjoy a rich kosher menu, And all that – in an ancient structure belonging to the Armenian church.

It`s important to note – on Saturdays the restaurant will open strictly for in advance reservations!


“Angelika” –  4 George Washington street, Jerusalem

Chefs Erez Margi and Markus Gershkovitz are in permanent pursuit after the most sophisticated and refreshing dishes.

With a colorful and accurate menu, Margi and Gershkovitz Invite you to the restaurant compound in the King David hotel.

Kosher lemehadrin restaurants –

“Between the Arches Restaurant” –  174 El Wad HaGai street, Near the Western Wall.

inside an authentic Jerusalem building from the 13th century, and near the Western Wall.

The restaurant offers a dairy rich kosher lemehadrin menu.

“Meat and Bread” –  4 David Remez, The First Station, Jerusalem

The “Meat and Eat” restaurant offers a variety of kosher lemehadrin meat dishes, combined with a brick oven for bread smoking and baking.

With a diverse and rich meat menu, “Meat and Eat” stay true to their concept, while serving unique dishes that integrate bread and meat.